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Videos From Around the World

that we found interesting, we hope you do too.

The "Continue" Video above is 28 sports in 28 minutes. Individuals with spinal cord injury play in Utah, Idaho, California, and Belize. This high definition project shows the specialized equipment that removes any barriers to participation after paralysis. Beautiful scenes and an original soundtrack help change the focus from disability to endless opportunity. Continue can be appreciated by anyone who would like to see how few limitations exist for recreation after spinal cord injury. 

A tongue in cheek video the is meant to help those without disabilities interact with those that do.  Funny and poignant at the same time. Thanks to the District of Columbia Office of Disability Rights for producing this video

For twenty-five years,the Vancouver Adaptive Music Society has been supporting and promoting artists with disabilities in the Metro Vancouver area.

Above is just one of the videos produced.

Click HERE to visit the VAMS site to listen to more great music. Also, watch the video below to get an insiders look at the making of the Strong Sessions Concert and DVD.  We think these people are all amazing!

AOA's Gallery of Photographs

Please enjoy our photo gallery, click to enlarge

In the News


Click the CHEK logo above to read the story and watch the great video footage that was shot that day.

Disabled Parksville woman walks

beach for first time in years.

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