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Cairns on logs at Parksville Beach

February Agenda

Wednesday, February14th  2024

Room 100, Parksville Civic & Technology Centre

100 Jensen Avenue East


1. Call to Order/Introductions

2. Approval of Minutes and Agenda

3. Liaison Reports

a. Parksville Council Amit

b. QCEWS / UAQB / BrainBody Fitness Bill

c. Parksville Accessibility Advisory Committee Maureen


4. Items Arising/Action List Items

a. Accessibility for Visitors Ralph

b. Parksville Beach Accessibility Ralph, Sandra

c. Parksville Budget Inquiry Sandra

d. Parksville Transportation Master Plan Sandra

e. Annual General Meeting Sandra


5. New Business

6. Financial Report

7. Correspondence

8. Round Table Discussion and Wrap up



Date of Next Meeting : March 13, 2024 12:00 to 2:00 pm




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