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About Us

Access Oceanside Association is made up of individuals from Parksville, Qualicum Beach and the RDN

These include Council Members, Area Representatives, community members with disabilities, caregivers, and others  with  an interest in promoting accessibility for everyone.

The Association grew out of Measuring Up, a 2008 initiative to enhance accessibility across British Columbia.
AOA works to address the physical, social and psychological barriers to full participation in community life and to foster a sense of inclusion which enables people of all ages and abilities to enjoy local amenities, participate in local employment and live a healthy, productive lifestyle


We receive requests for information about accessibility from both residents and visitors through our website and member's personal networks.

When appropriate, we communicate information on barriers to the appropriate local government office. We have a representative on the City of Parksville  Advisory Design Panel to investigate new developments for access and parking issues. We attend Emergency preparedness events, public meetings  regarding inclusion and accessibility, and more.

The City of Parksville created an Accessibility Advisory Committee to meet the requirements under the Accessible BC Act. The purpose of the committee is to provide input on the development of an accessible plan for the City's properties and operations including identifying barriers and providing advice on how to remove or prevent those barriers.

AOA has 3 representatives on the City's Accessibility Advisory Committee?
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